Rounders Mark Launched to Support Highest Standards for Players and Teams

Rounders England is proud to announce the launch of Rounders Mark, an accreditation scheme for clubs and leagues to show that they are managed in a sustainable, well-run way and provide the right environment and safety for its members.

Rounders Mark recognises that a club or league that observes best practice safeguarding and welfare, coaching and competition, equity and club management.

Rounders Mark is free to apply for and takes clubs and leagues through a development journey under three key areas: *

  • Workforce
  • Duty of Care and Welfare
  • Club Management

Natalie Justice-Dearn, CEO of Rounders England, said,

For rounders players, Rounders Mark offers the confidence to know that their local team is safe, well-managed and a great place to make friends, keep fit and compete. As our sport of rounders continues to grow, it is important we likewise continue to provide relevant and professional support service while keeping in touch with the roots that have deeply embedded the game within our communities.”

The first recipients of Rounders Mark are Burnley Rounders League, North Devon Rounders Club and West Yorkshire Rounders League, who supported the initial trials of the scheme.

Janet Roundell from Burnley Rounders League, said,

We found the process clear and simple to follow as we already had everything in place and I have no doubts all clubs could achieve the Rounders Mark which in turn means they are running to a high set of operating standards.”

Georgina Crossman from North Devon Rounders Club, said this about achieving Rounders Mark,

As a club, the Rounders Mark recognises the hard work we’ve undertaken to do the best for our players, who are our rounders family. It gives us a checklist to ensure that we’re meeting the best possible standards of delivery, including our coaching and umpiring, and are supporting our members’ welfare. We’re very proud to be one of the first clubs to be awarded the Rounders Mark, and look forward to other teams, leagues and clubs joining us.”

Most recent recipient of the Rounders Mark, Claire Prendergast from West Yorkshire Rounders League, had this to say,

Working towards the Rounders Mark involved extra engagement with our players, umpires, coaches and volunteers. Obtaining all the relevant information took time but once it was altogether it gave us a greater insight into how many qualified ladies we had within our league. Everyone engaged with us to accomplish the Rounders Mark and as a league we are thrilled to have achieved this. We enjoy our engagement with Rounders England and always welcome the support we receive from them.”

There are currently many teams, clubs and leagues across England, with a number already working through the Rounders Mark process.

The rounders community is recognised for its inclusive attitude and many clubs are already practicing excellent standards.

If you are looking to start on Rounders Mark or have a question, please contact [email protected] for more details. The next submission date is 31st July 2021.

*The detailed criteria of the key areas of accreditation are:

  • Workforce – making sure that the people delivering umpiring a coaching within the team, club or league have the relevant Rounders England qualifications and are therefore meeting minimum best practice standards.
  • Duty of Care and Welfare – It is the duty of every team, club or league to take steps to ensure that members, volunteers, and visitors can enjoy the opportunities offered by the club in a safe environment. This section encourages clubs to meet minimum best practice standards in these areas. Duty of Care and Welfare covers everything from identifying a Welfare Officer who is there to support club members, to completing risk assessments and demonstrating reporting processes.
  • Club Management – Clubs that are well-managed tend to be more successful and sustainable for the future as well as being prepared in the event of an emergency. This section supports the establishment of good governance practices and financial management, engagement with NGB’s and encourages the development of a plan to help the club succeed.
Article by Rounders England:

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