RoundersFest South Yorkshire – Definitely Worth Shaking Your Bat At!

RoundersFest South Yorkshire

On Sunday 11th August 2019 we held our very first RoundersFest event, delivered on our home turf of South Yorkshire, and what a day it was!

The day started as a bit of a worry, will the weather hold out? Will it not? It was a gamble we chose to take and won! Apart from there being enough wind to take the gazebos to Oz (which nearly happened), the weather held out and contributed to a brilliant day!

We saw groups of families, friends and teams come together to show what Rounders is all about – laughs, smiles, teamwork, togetherness and a whole lot of fun!


RoundersFest South Yorkshire
Drig AllStars and Team Dolphins


RoundersFest South Yorkshire
Thornhill Rounders Team


Throughout the day, we saw some great matches and we were extremely impressed.

Competitive behaviour is expected in any event where 2 teams are against one another, but the attitudes and sports(wo)manship of teams towards each other was great. Teams cheered their opposition and encouraged their play. Sunday was the pinnacle of what rounders means to so many.

After 2 leagues of 5, we had 4 teams that progressed to the semi-finals. The first semi-final was between Eastrington Ladies and Ranby Ladies, with Ranby Ladies progressing to the final. The second semi-final was between Bat-itude and Team Dolphins and Bat-itude were victorious to set up a final against Ranby Ladies.

The final saw some great play with Ranby batting first and making the most of some amazing hits to score rounders and half rounders against a strong Bat-itude fielding team. Next was Bat-itude to bat and there was some great variation in bowling from the Ranby Ladies bowler. In the end, Ranby proved too strong on this occasion for the Bat-itude team and went unbeaten throughout the whole day!


RoundersFest South Yorkshire
Ranby Ladies, the winning team


We’d like to thank everyone who came on the day and who stayed to support the final and cheer on the winning teams.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this day successful, especially our volunteer umpires, we couldn’t have done it without your help.  We can’t wait to see you all again in the future at another RoundersFest near you!


RoundersFest South Yorkshire
Ranby Ladies, Bat-itude and Umpires


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We saw groups of families, friends, and teams come together to show what Rounders is all about - laughs, smiles, teamwork, togetherness and a whole lot of fun!

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