St Christopher School; nurturing Rounders in Years 7-13

St Christopher School

In the St Christopher Senior School we very much want to encourage students on all levels of the Rounders performer pathway as well as encouraging those interested in other sporting roles. We find that, with the variety of positions needed in the game that it can be more inclusive than other team sports and we have been proud of the Preliminary Umpires that have passed their qualifications and the ones who look to do so in future.

Throughout the school, we have opportunities for both boys and girls to play Rounders in their PE lessons and, in the senior school, they have the chance to choose it in their weekly “Options” lesson: an hour when the whole school is off timetable and can choose to take part in one of a diverse range of activities for a term. This informal options lesson is also a great chance to play variations of the game and we have used ‘All Run’ Rounders, Football Rounders, Tag Rounders and 3-ball Rounders to name a few! We also host annual Staff v Student matches, which allows another entertaining opportunity for our Yrs11-13 to pit their skills against their teachers…often followed by celebratory scones and jam!

We also compete in the North Hertfordshire League and District Tournaments with our Senior Girls (Yrs7-13) and have had success in winning those leagues in various year groups, as well as being winners or runners-up in the tournaments. As a school with smaller year groups (ranging from 40-80 students), we look to create success for our girls through regular practice sessions (both weekly lunchtime and after school); we also, once the netball season has finished, switch to practising our Rounders skills and reminding the girls of the rules and tactics!

Year 10 Team 2016 for EzineSometimes the weather in the Spring (or Summer!) term will be against us but we then use the option of indoor Rounders to ensure we can still have fun with the game, without the worry of any slipping…especially when the exam season is looming! But we were particularly sad this year when we conducted our last GCSE Rounders assessment, as part of the Year 11 PE course; we think it’s a great shame this key girls’ summer team sport has been omitted in future specifications. It was a great opportunity for mixed gender games which then enhanced all the players’ performances and tactical awareness.

Overall, we find Rounders nurtures key practical and tactical skills combined with the social elements of communication and team work which is why we continue to promote it in our core and optional curricula at St Chris.

Jenny White
Head of Girls Games

We find Rounders nurtures key practical and tactical skills

Jenny White
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