Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the recurring and most frequently asked questions about how Coronavirus is affecting Rounders activity.

How do Rounders England define the suspended activity?

Read our statements to keep up-to-date with the current activity of Rounders England

4 June 2020 Guidance on phased return to rounders during Covid-19

7 April 2020 Latest Update from Rounders England regarding COVID-19

13 March 2020 Coronavirus Guidance for Teams and Leagues and Course Participants

Are Rounders England Staff contactable during this period?

Yes, all staff are contactable via their email addresses. Please visit the website for these. If you want to phone, do so on 07837 810 613 and your call will be directed to the right person. We are still working hard in the background for our community, busy developing projects and tools for when everyone is back out playing our beloved game!

What will happen to my Rounders England membership?

Rounders England have currently suspended all activity between Tuesday 17 March and Tuesday 30 June, in line with the government recommendation on COVID19. Over the coming weeks we will continue to follow the guidelines and when the full extent of the time frame is understood, consideration will be given as to how this affects all membership categories.

Can I do any Rounders qualifications whist under strict government social distancing rules?

Rounders England have suspended all Rounders events and courses between Tuesday 17 March and Tuesday 30 June, in line with the government recommendation on COVID19. For anyone who wants to upskill while at home, Rounders England have a Preliminary Umpire Test paper available online should you wish to gain a qualification. You must create an account or log in on the membership platform, to purchase the test paper.

My league is planning on doing an umpiring course this season.

Rounders England are currently developing a schedule of courses for 2020, the current suspension of all activity means that courses within the immediate future are not possible. If you are interested in running a course later in the year please email workforce at Rounders England.

I am booked on a course, is it being cancelled?

Between the dates of the suspension Rounders will not be running any courses. Any courses planned will be re-arranged and you will be contacted to maintain your place or whether you want a refund.

Can I still order from the Rounders England shop?

Yes. You can still place orders through our webshop but we will not be able to guarantee specific delivery time frames. Following placing an order a representative will be in contact to see how best we can assist you. For all shop enquiries please email [email protected].

Is there any form of Rounders activity that I can do during this time?

Keeping in line with the governments social distancing rules – rounders or variations can be played with household members in people’s own gardens – look at our #RoundersinQuarantine challenges or play bat and ball with a family members. Adapt the game to your surroundings. We love to see any activity you do so please share photos with us on social media!

Will the rounders season go ahead this year?

Rounders England has suspended all activity until Tuesday 30 June. We will update you on next steps as soon as we are advised from the Government.

When will we know if rounders activity will be suspended beyond Tuesday 30 June?

Please keep in contact with us via social media or our website. As soon as we have an announcement we will update the rounders community.

Is there anything I can do to help my team during this period?

Once you register as a user on our website you will have access to lots of free resources in our toolkit, including Instructional videos with Rules Clarifications which are normally exclusive to Rounders England members.

My rounders team has a block booking at our local sports centre for pre-season training. Will we get a refund?

Make sure that you contact your sports centre as you may get a refund or get credit for another booking. If you are having difficulties then we are here to help, so please email us and we will support you in any way we can.

Will Rounders England continue to support leagues and teams during this difficult time?

We are here to help, advise and do whatever we can to support you. Please contact our staff via their email addresses.

My Safeguarding certificate expires in May. What should I do?

UK Coaching, with the support of the NSPCC, have created a virtual ‘Safeguarding & Protecting Children’ course through a 2 hour online classroom method.

If you are the designated Welfare Officer for your Rounders team and are a current members of Rounders England, we are able to support member teams with funding up to £35 p/team towards ensuring your safeguarding knowledge is up-to-date in preparation for the season. Please contact us if your qualification has expired and you would like to book onto a training course.

We’ve entered one of the School Rounders Competitions in Leicester in June and July. Will this still be going ahead?

Rounders England have suspended all activity until Tuesday 30 June. We will make an announcement closer to this date regarding our next steps. Please bear with us during this time.

Are any Rounders England competitions going to go ahead this year?

At the moment Rounders England have suspended all Rounders activity until Tuesday 30 June. We will update the Rounders Community with new information as soon as we have it.