Where Indoor Rounders All Began: Meet Hull Works Association

Hull Works Sports Association, Hull Rounders

It’s been 9 whole years since Rounders England began the trend and piloted indoor Rounders with the Hull Works Sports Association and the South Yorkshire League! There are now more people playing indoor Rounders than ever before and truly championing the ‘Rounders All Year Round’ attitude. We went to Hull Works Association indoor Rounders League to see if the spark was still lit…

As you walk into the sports hall of Hull Works Association indoor league, you will find a range of ladies with different backgrounds and abilities (the oldest member being 65 and the youngest 16) laughing and catching up on one another’s week events while stretching and sussing out the opposing team.

The league is a competitive but friendly one, with our Engagement Officer experiencing first-hand the ‘Hit and Hope’ v ‘Won Batters’ game and ‘Martyrs’ v ‘First Base’ game. On a Thursday evening, you will find 4 teams playing 2 innings of 30 good balls. The wonderful Jill umpires and briefs all newbies on the rules of the game. “A BIG shout out to Nicki and the rest of the committee who go above and beyond organising and umpiring matches, you can tell it’s a well-oiled league! It’s a competitive environment, but you can tell everyone comes with a smile and leaves with an even bigger smile.”

Hull Works Sports Association, Hull RoundersNearly a decade on it looks as though the Hull Works Association indoor Rounders spark is only getting brighter! Playing indoors is fast and exciting and can positively contribute to the tactical element of the game. Not only that, it’s an opportunity to meet up with teams mates and other teams within the league in the colder, darker, months!

As 2019 approaches, the league have already started planning their summer season. We can’t wait to see how the league does in summer months, with talk of a charity tournament too. Keep up the amazing work Hull Works Association!

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