Rounders England are extremely proud of all of the players in the England squads.

Building a cohesive squad is based on getting the skillset right, ensuring that the right players are in the right positions, to create the greatest opportunity to win. It is important that the players share the same vision and are unified in their approach to winning.

England Under 14 Squad

Captain: Lily May Chow

Lara Bennett, Tia Bhushan Bhatt, Olivia Boag, Savannah Dada-Mascoll, Lauren Dos Santos, Kristia Gabriel, Lucy Imogen Gribben, Daisy Rose Grist, Katie Isobel Guthrie, Niamh Elizabeth Lynch, Freya Munson, Paris Neves Musgrove, Jessica Carmel Peace, Mollie Penny, Olivia Rasdale, Isobel Rutter, Sophie Ella Smith-Stephens, Amelie Temple, Tabitha Tinniswood, Katherine Townsend, Libby Wheeler


England Under 16 Squad

Captain: Lydia Hudson           Vice Captain: Imogen Sinclair

Jessica Maria Adams, Emma Astley-Birtwistle, Caitlin Louise Carney, Georgia Leigh Nicole Carter, Molly Dart, Grace Elizabeth Mary Doyle, Mia Rose Foster, Emily Jane Frost, Francesca George, Emily Louise Griffiths, Caitlyn Illingworth, Isobel Daisy Jemmott, Millie Ann Raj Kirby, Emilia Lambert, Ellie Rose Lambert, Harriet Murray, Sian Bethany Pyne, Jordan Alysia Russell, Hannah Lucy Sergeant, Daisy Shepherdson, Alexandra Lauren Smith, Reagan Wallworth, Jessica Wallworth, Joanna Ward, Catherine Matilda Rees Watson, Katie Alexandra White, Connie Elise Wragg, Amber Maria Young


England Under 19 Squad

Captain: Jordi Matthews           Vice Captain: Stephanie Denise Carter

Elizabeth Maisie Beaver, Katie Cox, Jade Clare Eccleston, Lucy Graves, Maya Cowood-Pierce, Emily Clare Joss, Victoria Catherine Mangan, Phillipa Palmer, Elise Tear


England Senior Squad

Captain: Emily Lenton           Vice Captain: Nicolla Jade Weekes

Tammie Anderson, Megan Beard, Helen Blencoe, Rachael Cook, Bronte Farrage, Anna Heaton, Kate Hill, Laura Horne, Melissa Mumford, Georgia Stanworth, Terri-Ann Weatherhall


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