Rounders England are extremely proud of all of the players in the England squads.

Building a cohesive squad is based on getting the skillset right, ensuring that the right players are in the right positions, to create the greatest opportunity to win. It is important that the players share the same vision and are unified in their approach to winning.

England Under 14 Squad

Captains: Freya Munson and Annie Cowperthwaite 
Vice Captains: Isobel Rutter and Jemima Wales

Ellie Anderson, Georgina Boon, Harriet Bradley, Amelia Bradley, Reese Brown, Eden Collier, Annie Cowperthwaite, Isabelle Evans, Mia Fry, Angelina Goodwin, Lucy Gribben, Chantal Griffiths, Katie Moran, Freya Munson, Charlotte Murie, Jacinta Parmar, Heidi Parry, Alisha Rai, Anya Rogers, Isobel Rutter, Jessie Sanzo, Hannah Tjon Soei Len, Jemima Wales

England Under 16 Squad

Captain: Molly Dart
Vice Captain: Emma Astley-Birtwistle

Tia Bhatt, Daisy Grist, Kate Heathorn, Millie Kirby, Roxy Mather, Willa McMullen, Jaya Patel, Jessica Peace, Mollie Penny, Olivia Rasdale, Bliss Ross, Jordan Russell, Ellie Ryan, Alexia Selzer, Alexandria Smith, Mary Souter, Jade Taylor, Katherine Townsend, Katie Whitehead, Sophie Willis, Mia Wyndham, Paris Musgrove, 

England Under 21 Squad

Captain: Emily Joss

Lizzie Beaver, Lauren Chantler, Katie Cox, Mia Foster, Rebecca Griffiths, Emily Griffiths, Lydia Hudson, Caitlin Illingworth, Daisy Shepherdson, Ellie Steggles, Emilia Lambert 

England Senior Squad

Captain: Emily Lenton 
Vice Captain: Nicolla Weekes 

Chloe Ainsworth, Tammie Anderson, Helen Blencoe, Francesca George, Lucy Graves, Hannah Miller, Melissa Mumford, Georgia Stanworth, Terri-Ann Weatherall, Megan Beard

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