Teams and Leagues

If you run a team or league, email us with the details of where you play, and we will advertise these on find rounders in your area. It will publicise your hard work and is a useful resource for players, new or coming back to the game, who are looking to pick up a bat and start playing Rounders.

Rounders England always work on the guidance and recommendations provided by UK Coaching and their research around Long Term Participant Development. Their most recent advice recommends that players under the age of 13 are not permitted to play in adult teams or take part in competitive games against an adult team.

  • Competitions

    View the full selection of Rounders competitions for schools, universities,  teams and the England Squad.

  • Policies & Procedure

    Safeguarding, equality, codes of conduct and many more policies to support a robust Rounders team.

  • Workforce Finder

    Looking for a coach or umpire to support your Rounders event? Simply register on the website and upload your job.


  • Elite and Player Pathways

    For those who play, coach, umpire or want to get to an elite level, you can find out a little more here.

Rounders Toolkit

  • Outdoor Event Risk Assessment | FREE

    This is a generic Event Risk Assessment which identifies the common hazards and control measures associated with this type of event.

  • Setting up a team from scratch | FREE

    This is a checklist to give you step-by-step guidance on how to set up your own Rounders team from scratch.

  • Photography & Filming Consent Form | FREE

    This Photography & Filming Consent Form can be used by Rounders teams to gain consent to take images that will be used to market and advertise their opportunities. Applicable for children, young p...