Colleges and Universities

Rounders England strives to work closely with the Committees and Student Unions based at Colleges and Universities to help them establish rounders teams, with the aim of developing social playing opportunities. We acknowledge that there is a desire from university teams to play in competitive friendly matches and Rounders England can facilitate that by opening communications between interested parties.

Our long term vision is to create a competition pathway that ultimately links to the BUCS structure.  

We are working on creating three competitions next academic year 2023/2024, one in the north of England, one in the south of England and the finals in the midlands of England.

Regional Rounders competitions

In  2023 Rounders England introduced a series of regional competitions to take place across England. The Winners and Runners-up of each regional competition will then progress onto the University Championship where we will crown the 2023 Rounders England University Team of the Year.

These are seen as a pilot to support our readiness, if successful, in becoming a BUCS sport in the near future.
University Series


If you would like to start a Rounders team at your University or College, there is some information about the pitch, rules and equipment on the play section of this website. Alternatively, you can take some inspiration from our case studies.

We would also recommend undertaking an Activator Award which aims to develop a workforce to initiate ‘start up’ Rounders activity and you can take encouragement from our player pathway to see how you could progress.

If you already have a Rounders team at your college or university, let us know. Rounders England membership provides teams with a number of benefits including discounted entry to Rounders England competitions and access to Rounders England coaching courses.

If you are a college or University interested in Inter FE/HE tournaments, Rounders England have set up a Facebook group (Rounders England University and Club League Contacts and Fixtures) where you can discuss areas of good practice from your own or other Universities and get up to date information on fixtures and contacts.