Junior Rounders

Rounders is a great sport to introduce to young people. It encourages all young people to be active, learn new physical and social skills. It is an easy sport to access so will suit all young people’s needs, fitness levels and abilities, where everyone can be involved.

What you will need to get started:

A qualified rounders coach

– Make sure you have a Rounders England qualified coach for your junior team. They will need to be DBS checked and have a current Safeguarding certificate (dated within the last 3 years). They will also need to have their own public liability insurance. Rounders England Individual Membership offers this.

In addition to qualified coaches the following courses may support the running of your sessions/upskill your session volunteers.

– These courses can all be organised through Rounders England. If you want more information, email [email protected]

Coaching Ratios
  • There must always be a minimum of two adults present at your sessions.
  • For groups of children aged 3 – 8 years, the recommended coach/participant ratio is 1:8.
  • For groups comprising children 8 years and above, the recommended coach/participant ratio is 1:15.
A club welfare officer
  • Your Club Welfare Officer will need to be DBS checked and have a current Safeguarding certificate (dated in the last 3 years). More information on this role can be found here. Our Lead Safeguarding Officer can help you with the DBS check and Rounders England has a dedicated Safeguarding Resources
A first aider

– You will need to have a qualified first aider on hand at your sessions. This could be your coach or Welfare Officer or an accompanying adult. Please make sure that you have a first aid bag and ice packs available at your sessions. Keep a record of any injuries that are sustained during the training so that injuries are correctly documented.

Somewhere to play
  • The area you’ll need is dependent upon the age of the people taking part. For young people 11 years and younger, you will need a space approximately 50m x 75m (dimensions in the links below for Go Rounders).  For young people over 11 years old a full sized pitch is suitable.  Measurements and details on how to mark out a full size pitch can be found here.
  • Ensure the area you provide for sessions is a safe distance from the public to minimise/ reduce conflict/ injuries to members of the public.
  • A local park, leisure centre and community playing field are all suitable

If you are struggling to find somewhere suitable to play, please get in touch with us and we can try and help you find somewhere.

Registration Forms
  • Bats, balls, posts and bases. We recommend having a variety of equipment so that all abilities are catered for.  Equipment can be bought from the Rounders England shop.
Basic knowledge of rounders
Ideas for sessions
How to generate interest
  • Contact your local Active Partnership. They might want to help or might have a School Games Organiser who can help with taster sessions.
  • Word of mouth! Talk to families, see if they have young people that might be interested.
  • Social media
  • Hold and advertise adult and child sessions
Rounders England Membership / Affiliation
  • Rounders England offers membership from as little as £4 per person* for 6 months or £7 per person for 12 months*. More about the benefits of Rounders England Membership can be found here.

Engagement Manager, Rachael Lomas Email or call 07833 051 787

Workforce Manager, Siân Barnett Email or call 07377 925 705

Lead Safeguarding Officer, Siân Barnett Email or call 07377 925 705

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