Our Team

  • Core Staff Team

    This team is based either at our national office in Sheffield or work remotely:

    David Bentley
    Corporate Business Head
    David is responsible for managing and coordinating the output of the Corporate Services function to support our clients in raising the profile of Rounders- using a customer focused approach. Additionally David ensures the organisation is managing risk and business compliance robustly and ensuring the delivery of our business systems, including human resources and information technology.

    Cath Barlow
    Finance Administrator (Part Time)

    Cath is responsible for the financial procedures of Rounders England. Her day to day activities include; receive, record and bank income, process and record all payments, record incoming orders and monitor income and expenditure against budget heads. Cath also prepares the accounts for our annual 4th Post newsletter.

    Jenny Hudson 
    Business Administrator (Part Time)
    Jenny is responsible for supporting the organisation in raising the profile of Rounders using a customer focused approach, to increase regular participation through effective business administration.

    Julia Rice
    Marketing & Commercial Officer 
    Julia is responsible for the marketing, press and commercial activities in Rounders England. Her role is to develop strategies to promote the Rounders brand and products and to develop commercial opportunities with external organisations.

    Abby Reeves
    Marketing Assistant (Part Time)
    Abby is responsible for assisting the marketing operations and activities within Rounders England including website and social media management as well as content and idea generation.

  • Participation Staff Team

    This is our delivery team. They attend and organise events, competitions and community based projects for Rounders:

    Rhian Lilley
    Director of Participation
    Rhian will lead the delivery of growth, participation, membership and engagement programmes, products and related targets. As a member of the Senior Management Team, Rhian will contribute significantly to the development of organisational culture, the Rounders community, the team and the achievement of Rounders England’s strategy. Stakeholder engagement and partnership working will be also be a key part of Rhian’s role.

    Siân Barnett
    Workforce Officer (Part Time)
    Siân develops and delivers the Rounders England coaching and officiating education programme and coaching pathway. She is responsible for organising courses to help increase the leadership, coaching and umpiring workforce, preparing resources to accompany the coaching courses, providing support for coaches, umpires, volunteers and coach educators and helping to implement new coaching initiatives.

    Kathryn Barker
    Course Co-ordinator (Part Time)
    Kathryn is responsible for supporting the organisation in co-ordinating, processing and administrating all online course bookings, including customer/ organiser and tutor liaison. Kathryn works primarily within the course module of our online platform and delivering a first class service to our customers.

    Alayah Murphy
    Engagement Officer (Growth & Participation) (Part Time)
    Alayah supports the Competition Strategy Group to explore and recommend changes to the Rounders England Competition Strategy. She deals with subsequent development and implementation of the Competition Strategy in order to achieve the outcomes in the 2017 – 2021 Rounders England Strategy.

    Rachael Lomas
    Engagement Officer (Teams & Leagues)
    As Engagement Officer, Rachael works with existing leagues and teams leading them through 4 engagement stages; encompassing awareness, conversation, transaction and partnership. Education – Working with the universities currently engaged in the Rounders Tour and schools within the Level 3 School Games to understand their relationship with Rounders.

The Board

The Board are responsible for ensuring Rounders England delivers its strategic plans. With the exception of the CEO, all Board members work on a voluntary basis.

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