Safeguarding Children

All young people involved in Rounders have a fundamental right to be protected so that they can enjoy the sport free from all forms of abuse and exploitation. We seek to help protect and promote the welfare of all young people in Rounders by having in place clear policies and guidance for our member teams and leagues and all others involved in the sport.

Safeguarding Policy

This policy has been formulated with guidance from the NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) and with government guidance. We hope that the policy will assist you as we all work towards a safer environment for the future of our sport.

Full Policy (88 pages)                                                 Quick Guide (16 pages)

Advice for children

This section is to help you understand where you can go for more information on how to be safe when playing rounders. If you are worried or have any questions about anything which might be making you feel uncomfortable contact someone using one of the options below.

Club Welfare Officer

If you are part of a team they may have a designated Club Welfare Officer (CWO). The CWO will have a good knowledge of Rounders England’s guidance on safeguarding children in rounders. The CWO is there for all children involved in rounders and makes the needs of these a priority. If you have a concern about yourself or another child, how you are being treated by others or something that is making you unhappy your CWO is there for you.

If you are unsure who this person is within your team please call us for more information. In the meantime, make sure you are not alone again with the person who has tried to harm you.


ChildLine is the free, 24-hour helpline for children and young people in the UK. You can call about any problem, at any time – day or night. Call 0800 1111.

Think U Know offers age relevant guidance, videos, games and top tips for children of all ages.

Kidscape is a children’s charity that gives practical advice to young people about bullying and keeping safe.

Reporting an incident

Allegations of abuse or poor practice must be reported to Rounders England. It is important when reporting an incident that Rounders England are informed as soon as possible in order to effectively manage any case or concern.

Recognising and Responding to Concerns

Inside RoundersOutside Rounders  /  Incident Report Form


There are a number of organisations you can contact if you have any concerns or would like to speak to someone for further advice.

Who To Contact