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As a Rounders England affiliated school, we will support you to deliver quality curricular, extra-curricular and competitive rounders experiences for all students who love rounders. By doing this we hope to strengthen the links between rounders clubs, leagues and schools, ensuring that young people can continue their rounders participation beyond the school gate.


Rounders is played in thousands of schools across England and for many young people, the playground is where they have their first introduction to the sport. At its basic level, it is a fun, fast team sport that both boys and girls can play whatever their ability, developing fundamental core skills like balance, co-ordination, agility and dexterity. Playing rounders is not limited to physical progression. Playing regularly develops personal skills such as teamwork, communication, respect, discipline, fairness and pride.

As a sport, rounders can be played quite simply, however with time and knowledge of the rules, it can transform into one of strategy and tactical decision making, creating a spontaneous and exciting experience.

Join the GO Rounders revolution and rejuvenate rounders in your school.

Rounders has been played in primary schools up and down the country for decades. It’s a classic game which is naturally inclusive, quick to setup and easy to explain. Now, thanks to GO Rounders, all of these teacher-friendly aspects are backed up with a modern twist – adding much needed skill building structures to the traditional game.

Introduce GO Rounders to your pupils for a fun filled PE session.


Classroom Learning

Use this resource to teach the development of Rounders through an inspirational personal story.

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