Holly Keeling – becoming an RYLA Tutor for the love of the sport

Holly Keeling is a P.E. teacher at Woodford County High School, Essex. In September 2016 she enrolled on the Rounders England orientation course for Young Leaders. Having achieved her qualification, Holly is now a RYLA Tutor. As part of the schools physical education curriculum Holly enrols an average 80 students per year on the RYLA course.

Holly, along with one other teacher in the P.E. department, organises a new course every September. While the course is offered to the whole of Year 11, the students are split into classes to manage the volume of learners.

a sport they love

They have been playing rounder’s since Year 7 and by the time we run the course with them in Year 11 they are already fairly clued up on the rules and teaching points of skills. Hence it is good for them to have a qualification to show for it. The majority of the academic year enrol on the course.”

put their qualification to use

Many of the students put their qualification to use and progress to help the teachers in lessons for the younger year groups and/ or help in the schools annual rounders interhouse competitions. They have also previously umpired teacher v 6th form games which can be very competitive – it is good to have umpires that know what they are doing.

The reason we like to run the course is because it gives our students the opportunity to get qualified in a sport they love.

Holly Keeling
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