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  • General Questions

    What is the point of Rounders England Membership?

    Rounders England membership aims to support, develop and service teams, leagues, schools and workforce across the country to encourage more people onto the pitch. Through membership, the National Governing Body can promote, develop and protect the great sport.

    Why should I join Rounders England?

    There is a range of benefits that you will receive by joining Rounders England. If you have a role to play or a benefit to be gained from Rounders, there is something in Rounders England membership for you.

    Can I upgrade my membership to a different package later?

    Your Team Admin can upgrade your Team membership to another package by paying the difference in price between the two packages at any point during the year. Please remember though that our membership prices are set, so the earlier you upgrade the more you can maximise your new membership.

    How many members can be included in the Team Membership?

    You can affiliate 20 members to your team membership. This is based on feedback from the Rounders community of the number of team members being 15-16. By rounding the number up to twenty we hope this will serve teams and leagues and allow some room to welcome additional members.

    Which membership package is right for me?

    If you are not sure of the most relevant membership package for you, then head to our Join page.

    What membership package do I have?

    As a Rounders England member, you should have received an individual email welcoming you to the National Governing Body. To see your membership type, log in to the membership platform.

    Do I have a Rounders England qualification?

    If you have attended a Rounders England course then we will have a record of your attendance and your qualification will be attached to your member profile. If you are not sure you have attended a Rounders England official course, contact [email protected]

    What happens if a new player comes/we have a buddy night, will they be covered by insurance?

    Rounders England Seasonal and plus Team Membership will cover a new player for up to 3 sessions to see if they enjoy it. Thereafter, they must become registered on the membership platform to be covered. It is recommended you take a weekly registration to prove their attendance should a claim occur.

    Is there an age limit to be covered within the membership?

    No. However it is recommend you have your own policy on who is able to participate e.g. juniors.

    Why have Rounders England given the membership packages these names?

    The membership packages represent our current members and offer a clear membership for everyone.

    Does Rounders England have Life Membership?

    Yes. The position of Life Member and Vice President are honorary, granted by the Rounders England Board to acknowledge the contribution individuals have made to Rounders. In addition to the prestige of the position, Life Members and Vice Presidents receive all of the benefits of our Individual membership.

    How long does my membership last?

    • Basic Team membership lasts 365 days from the day your Team Admin purchase it
    •  Seasonal Team membership lasts 6 months from the day your Team Admin purchase it
    •  Plus Team membership lasts 365 days from the day your Team Admin purchase it
    •  Individual membership lasts 365 days from day of purchase

    What is Rounders England’s refund policy?

    Please find our refund policy within our membership cancellation T&C’s.

    I still have a membership question, who do I contact?

    If you have any questions relating to membership, please contact Rounders England by email or phone 0114 248 0357

  • Benefit Questions

    What is included in my Rounders England Membership?

    This page explains the benefits of each membership package, both team and individual.

    How do I become a Member?

    Join online by credit or debit card. You can save money by auto renewing your membership.

    What will I receive when I join/renew my Rounders England Membership and when will I receive it?

    • All members will receive a welcome email. We advise the welcome email will take up to 24 hours to receive.
    • Team Admins, Individuals and Education members will receive additional postage. We advise postage will take up to one working week to receive, this may change during busy periods.

    If I choose not to renew my membership, can I continue to be promoted as an affiliated Team and go to Rounders England for advice?

    Membership benefits are only valid for the duration of the membership, therefore once the membership expires; the affiliation and benefits can no longer be used.

    Does my team membership include umpires/coaches/activators?

    Yes, seasonal and plus team membership covers team members to use their qualification. Members must be registered on our membership platform to ensure they are covered!

    What discounts are available to members?

    Members will always get the best deal on all Rounders England purchase opportunities, including courses, events and items in the shop.

  • Process Questions

    What happens to my current membership, the one I purchased during the previous membership year?

    Rounders England will honour your membership up until it becomes expired.

    How do I renew my membership?

    You can always sign up to our auto renewal membership and save both time and money. All current Rounders England memberships will be automatically sent a renewal email with the renewal process. To renew your membership now log in to the membership platform.

    Does every member have to input an email address?

    Yes. All users are required to enter a unique email address when signing up. You can then log in and if you have opted into our bespoke communications, you will benefit from receiving our emails.

    I play for more than one team, does my membership cover me to play for both?

    As long as the teams you play for are Rounders England members you will be covered to play in both teams. You will not be covered if the team you play in does not have team membership.

    Do I need an individual membership as well as my team membership to use my qualification?

    No. If you are registered on the membership platform via a seasonal team, plus team or individual valid membership, you are covered to use your Rounders England qualification.

    What if my team has more than 20 players?

    We work hard at making sure our membership reflects the needs of the Rounders community. During the recent membership review, the insight into the number of people in a team was 15-16. We have rounded the team membership number to 20 in order to allow for movement with any newbies you might welcome throughout the year.

    I am under 18 years old, can I set myself up a membership profile?

    As you are under 18, we require consent from a parent or guardian for approval to complete your profile.

    What are my payment options?

    Join online by credit or debit card. You can save money by auto renewing your membership.

    My team has more than 20 players, umpires and coaches but the form only allows me to give details for 20. Will the others still be insured?

    The recent membership review resulted in the average number of players in a team to be 15-16. If your team has more than 20 members we recommend taking an individual membership, or an additional team membership depending on what works best for you and your team.

    I am playing for a team that is not a member. Am I still covered by insurance?

    You are only be covered to play in the team(s) you are registered with on the membership platform and that has a valid membership. You should encourage the non-member team to become team members, or you will need to join as an individual to cover you to play in the non-member team.

    I have forgotten my password. Can I change it?

    Yes, you can reset your password.

    How can I change my personal/contact details?

    You can change your personal details and address within your profile. Log in to the membership platform and click the green view/edit profile button. Alternatively email [email protected] with your up-to-date information.

    I have moved teams, how do I change this on my membership?

    Rounders England will process this on your behalf. Please email with your name, team(s) you are leaving / joining.

    Who can purchase Team Membership?

    A Team Admin (Captain or Secretary). A Team Admin will need to register the Team on to the membership platform then purchase the right membership for the team. An Admin can then add team players and workforce to the platform/add existing members to the team.

    Can I pay by Direct Debit?

    Yes, you can save money too by setting up an auto renewal membership

    There has been a problem with my auto renewal (Direct Debit), what should I do?

    If there has been a problem with your auto renewal you will receive an email notification. You will then need to follow the instructions.

    Can I still access my benefits if my auto renewal (Direct Debit) has not gone through?

    If your membership payment has not been processed, your membership will not be valid and you will no longer be able to access your benefits.

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