Middleton Park All-Rounders Derby Match Report

The Middleton Park All-Rounders derby, of the Rounders in Leeds League, went ahead 7th June…and what a beautiful night for a derby Rounders match it was! Read their match report to find out more from the Red and Blue Team.

Ashleigh won the toss for Reds and they decided to field first, everyone was in their positions and ready to play. Danielle was up first scoring a great first Rounder for blues! Ashleigh was at backstop doing some great throws to first base, at one point closely missing hitting Ann (probably our most accident-prone player!). A few fielding errors allowed Victoria to score another Rounder for the blue team. Nikki was out wide getting lots of balls quickly to 4th base to prevent more Rounders. There was a very close call between Holli, 4th Post and Danielle, but Danielle just made it and scored another Rounder from the blues. There were lots of other great Rounders from Hannah, Victoria and Helen. Ann managed to get around and score a great half without hitting the ball!

Then it was Reds turn to bat, there was a great Rounder from Ashleigh. Hannah was at backstop working well with Nicola on first to get some brilliant outs at first base. There was a great hit from Becky but Danielle caught it otherwise that would of be a definite Rounder! There was another smashing hit from Julie but Victoria used her hand to intercept it in the batting box! There was a lot of forward thinking from the Blues while fielding getting runners out on 3rd base!

At the end of the 1st innings Blues were on 11½ and Reds 5.

The Blues were up to bat again. Ally was up 2nd to bat and scored a great Rounder. Holli was on form on 4th base catching multiple people out. Chantelle scored half a Rounder of a backwards hit! Becky on 3rd used her shin to stop a ball preventing a Rounder but that must have hurt! Ann hit a slogger but must have thought the ball was chasing her as there were some little screams between 3rd and 4th base! Julie was on 2nd and caught some great balls from Nikki out wide. There were also some great Rounders from Millie and Nicola for blues!

Then the final hurdle and Reds were up to bat. Seldon was 2nd to bat and got a brilliant half Rounder, Danielle was out deep with her long barriers to stop the ball preventing Sheldon getting the full Rounder. Ally was out wide doing some amazing catches as always preventing Holli scoring anything even though her batting was incredible! One of Catherine’s hits nearly took out a few of the spectators! The BBQ smell was starting to drift on to the pitch in the last 5 mins but this didn’t stop Helen from finishing the match within Hannah’s word an “epic” catch!

The final scores were Middleton Park All-Rounders Blue 20½ and Middleton Park All-Rounders red 9! Well played everyone and the player of the match sponsored by Swim Team Leeds was Danielle from the Blues!

Article by Rounders England:

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