The Infamous “Misfield Rule”

Rounders Rules Review

The 2020-2022 Rules Review is in full swing! Do you consider yourself a Rounders Rule King or Queen? What about the “Misfield Rule”?

Firstly, there is no such thing as a misfield rule. There is a common misconception that a post can become ‘unstumped’ if the ball is misfielded but quite simply, a post cannot be unstumped. So…if a batter managed to reach 3rd as 4th was stumped and the ball is then no longer at the post or in the possession of the bowler in the bowling square (it does not have to be misfielded), the batter may wish to run on (especially if there are only a couple of batters left in) but would not score. If the batter was between 2nd and 3rd when fourth was stumped, this would not stop them from scoring in the usual way as it has to be the post immediately in front of the batter that is stumped to prevent scoring.

Umpires should have a keen eye for batters that ‘hover’ between posts so that they can still score. THIS IS NOT ALLOWED, any batter approaching a post and then not making contact MUST be asked to do so by the umpire, and if they refuse they will be out.

The 2020-2022 Rules Review gives our members the opportunity to contribute to the Official Rounders Rules. Deadline for all proposals is 30th April 2019.


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