Black Lives Matter: Statement from Rounders England

Rounders England is passionate about diversity in sport and we resolutely believe that Black Lives Matter.

The events surrounding the death of George Floyd have been abhorrent to us. We have spent time this week discussing in our teams the Black Lives Matter movement and what it represents – and while we felt largely unqualified to discuss it publicly, we believe that it is important to have these discussions, however difficult, to educate and challenge beliefs.

At Rounders England, we are proud to represent a sport that is so widely inclusive to communities regardless of race, gender, age or sexual orientation. We coined the hashtag #WeAreAllRounders in 2018 as a nod to that inclusivity.

But as a sport, are we going far enough?

We all now must ask ourselves this question and address the holes in our culture, in our businesses, and in our personal lives and attitudes. At Rounders England we are doing just that. We are starting a process of reviewing our Diversity Action Plan 2018-2021 with our BAME players and coaches, so we can hear directly from their perspective what needs to be done.

One of the most powerful aspects of the Black Lives Matter movement is the conversations and questions it raises, some of which are uncomfortable, around race, legacy and what it means in 21st century Britain.

As an organisation, we have much to be proud of, but we also have plenty to learn, and this review of our Diversity Action Plan, supported by our Board , is the first step in listening and learning. We will be publishing more on our conversations with our BAME community – from players to coaches, colleagues and supporters – over the coming weeks and months to give a greater voice to our BAME community.

Passion for inclusivity in sport is at the very core of who we are at Rounders England, and we will go as far as is necessary to stand up to hatred and discrimination and both embody and amplify those values.

Article by Rounders England:

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