Rounders England Education Affiliation: A Game-Changer in Youth Physical Activity

In a transformative move in mid-2022, we made a monumental decision to replace the long standing paid Education Membership with a free Education Affiliation.

Aligning seamlessly with recommendations from the Get Active Government Sport Strategy (DCMS, 2023), this bold initiative equips schools and youth groups with access to unparalleled resources to teach Rounders.

Our 10 year strategy, Rounders: Reconnected, looks to GROW the sport of rounders by tackling the deprivation inequality that exists when accessing paid resources. Recognising the alarming statistics highlighted by the DCMS, indicating that over 50% of children fail to meet daily physical activity recommendations, our action assumes paramount importance. By making our own educational resources free, we have reached an entire demographic that was previously excluded from the Rounders England offer.

As cited by Sport England (2023), children from less affluent families are disproportionately inactive compared to their peers from more privileged backgrounds. Our commitment to providing free resources directly addresses this imbalance, supporting the Get Active Government Sport Strategy’s goal of reducing child inactivity and aiming to meet the Chief Medical Officer Guidelines of 60 minutes physical activity per day for every child.

Article by Julia Rice: