Using rounders as a sport for development tool


Most people who went to school in the UK will have played Rounders at school. However both elite and grassroots Rounders has a much lower profile among adults. It is a sport with a curious combination of high and low awareness.

As the National Governing Body for the sport, Rounders England work hard to make Rounders more visible. They are particularly focused on using rounders as a tool to tackle inactivity and to promote community development by connecting communities through Rounders.

In Spring 2023 Rounders England, Yorkshire Sport Foundation and Ready Steady Active came together to understand the role Rounders played in getting people active. The study was based on engagement with over 65 women involved in Rounders in West Yorkshire, where the sport is in its growth stage. Shephard & Moyes Ltd were commissioned to provide advice and support in the data collection period.

This learning report aims to outline how rounders works as a sport to help get inactive people more active, how to replicate the progress of rounders in West Yorkshire and elements that are transferable for success.

This is a 15 page condensed version of the long report and includes a case study on Batley Ninjas Rounders team.

Article by Julia Rice: