Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles embraces Building Diversity in the Rounders Community

Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles philosophy is simple: Be active, creative and healthy. This is a powerful philosophy to lean on and is being championed through the highly successful ‘Walking Rounders’. We caught up with Wellbeing Instructor, Anna Leyland, to see what it takes to organise walking rounders…

When we use the #WeAreAllRounders, the phrase goes far beyond playing the game but encompasses all ages, abilities, ethnicities and identities.

“While the core of the game remains the same, some of the indoor rules are adapted to suit the walking aspect. The pitch remains the same and we stick with the same number of players as the indoor rules state, but due to popularity we’ve played with extra players. We decided to stick to 30 balls per innings and the batting team automatically start on 10 Rounders. There’s the usual scoring system for ½ rounder and 1 rounder, however, if a batter is out, the team will lose 1 rounder but the batter has unlimited lives! This has been adapted to encourage play.

“We’ve had great numbers, 16 the first week and 15 the second week. Due to the interest in the sessions, we have now decided to run a weekly ‘Walking Rounders’ which will start on Thursday 7th March at Robin Park Leisure Centre, 10am-11am, £3 per person.

“There are a lot of other rules we have not faced yet that I’m sure will come up soon and will then ask the ladies their opinions on how they would adapt the game to make it fair and fun. Everyone loves the sessions and those ladies who cannot make a Thursday morning are already asking if there will be another day the session will run, as they loved it so much!”

Keep up the awesome work Inspiring Healthy Lifestyle! If you would like to get involved, join the next session Thursday 7th March, 10-11am at Robin Park Leisure Centre WN5 0UH.

Article by Rounders England:

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