Rounders England and Parkplay forge new partnership

Rounders England has entered into a new partnership with ParkPlay to incorporate rounders into the growing selection of activities on offer in parks around the nation.

From Saturday 17 September, families will be able to come together and get active at weekly ParkPlays in Barrow in Cumbria, Brickfield, Lincoln Green and New Wortley in Leeds, Uppingham in Rutland and 35 other communities across the country.

ParkPlay is a free two hour event on a Saturday morning, in local green spaces, where communities come together for fun games and activities led by Play Leaders.

Every ParkPlay is welcoming, run by the community for the community, and an inclusive way for people of all ages to connect and have fun. While promoting physical activity.

Katherine Knight, Chair of Rounders England commented:

I am delighted that Rounders England and ParkPlay have joined forces to support more people to get active together in parks. Play is serious business and Rounders England and ParkPlay are both committed to giving adults and children opportunities to get active together, have fun and connect them to their green spaces. We know by doing that we can improve health and well-being.”

Sean Longhurst, Experience Lead of ParkPlay said:

“We’re thrilled to be teaming up with Rounders. Rounders is a fantastic sport for all ages to play together, something that is at the heart of ParkPlay. Its the ideal game for ParkPlay, and so we’re teaming up to provide more people with the chance to fall in love with playing and potentially discover a sport to get involved in too.”

Gather your family, friends and neighbours and get down to a local ParkPlay initiative:

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