Lace Up and Speak Up: how this drives change

It started with a lace.

We’re so proud of our Rainbow Laces, worn in support of LGBTQ+ equality.

With more than a million people lacing up in rainbow so far, we are Team PROUD.

But something’s still tied up in knots.

Large parts of the LGBTQ+ community still feel unwelcome at sporting events, where the thrill should be a guaranteed result.

There are still those who bully, belittle and exclude, meaning team by team, event by event, LGBTQ+ people feel out of place.

Reluctant to participate. Uncomfortable to spectate. Nervous to truly be their true selves.

But just think.

How much stronger would we be if we worked together? We’re all part of the same team, and our support is far stronger if we celebrate our

Sport is for all, so everyone is welcome, coming just as they are.

Laces have brought the awareness. Now we all need to bring the conversation.

Speak up for someone you know in the LGBTQ+ community.

Someone that matters.

What can we all do to make every person feel welcome?

It’s 2021. Let’s have the conversations to make the next Rounders event a place for everyone.

Lace up. Make sport everyone’s game.

Article by Rounders England:

Rounders England is a non-profit sport’s national governing body (NGB) in England.
Rounders England provides a structure for the sport from the Board, local deliverers and teams right the way through to individual members and volunteers.