Rounders Balls


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Competitively, we recommend that approved Rounders balls by Aresson® Sports brand and Sure Shot® brand are used. Approved equipment is manufactured for the purpose and meets the specifications set out in the Official Rounders Rules book.

Approved Rounders balls are an essential piece of equipment you will need to start playing Rounders competitively. White or coloured Rounders balls are allowed and should be considered when assessing the playing conditions.

Aresson® Sports brand Super Match Rounders balls and and Sure Shot® brand Match balls are specifically designed for competitive match play at league, inter school and international level.

Sure Shot® brand Safety rounders balls and Aresson® Sports brand Softy Rounders balls are the lightest, softest rounders ball available. These balls are designed for training beginners making it ideal for children’s games and for indoor rounders games.

Aresson® Sports All Play Soft Indoor Rounders balls are made from soft plastic with a hollow centre. These balls are low bounce and light making them ideal for early fielding and hitting practise. Ideal for indoor rounders and beginners outdoor training sessions.

The range of Rounders balls are available in high visibility, florescent colours for low light conditions.