Approved Equipment


Get ahead of the game!

Shop early for rounders season. Gear up, save time, and play your best!"

Rounders England work with businesses who offer innovative equipment that enhances Rounders playing opportunities.

Both Aresson® Sports brand and Alan Ransome Sporting Goods Group Ltd, owners of Sure Shot® brand have strong reputations for quality, innovation and excellent customer service, resulting in them being approved suppliers of rounders equipment.

Aresson® Sports brand and Sure Shot® brand work with the rounders community to improve and develop equipment for the game of rounders.

Whether you play rounders in a school competition, are an England player playing in International fixture or you play once a week for your local team, Aresson® Sports brand and Sure Shot® brand have all the equipment you need.

Approved equipment includes Rounders balls, Rounders bat and ball packs, Rounders training aids, Rounders bats and Rounders sets for the aspiring and enthusiastic Rounders player.