Rounders England launch new online learning platform

Having skirted around the periphery of digital learning for some time, the significant impacts of COVID-19, halting face-to-face courses, meant Rounders England had to make a swift re-evaluation of their Workforce offering. The national lockdown and subsequent social distancing measures moved their digital learning project to the top of the organisation’s action plans.

Beyond the pandemic Rounders England are looking to expand on their community work, so the online learning platform alongside the current virtual classrooms; Time To Listen and Activator courses, will bolster any future partnerships.

Rounders England, Workforce Manager, Sian Barnett, said

“Having worked with Sport Structures previously we had experience of the quality of their work. In approaching them to support our organisation to develop a digital platform, we were immeasurably surprised with the development and growth of their digital capabilities. It was a winning combination.

We are excited to be able to offer the Introduction to Rounders course as our first online elearning course. It is brand new, perfect for community settings, for leaders who want to introduce and set up Rounders in their local area.”

Over the past 5 years, some of the biggest Rounders success stories have come from individuals who have used Rounders to create sport and physical opportunities for females in their local area. If you think that you can make a difference within your local community, are passionate about making a change to people’s lives then this course will give you a firm foundation to start your journey. Find out more about what it can offer you.

Sport Structures Business Manager – Sport Business, Natalie Davis, said this about the working partnership

“We are delighted to have entered into partnership with Rounders England to support them in developing their Introduction to Rounders course.

We are supporting Rounders England in developing online content including a virtual classroom. It was important for Rounders England to have an ‘Introduction to’ offering to appeal to new learners. Learners can now book onto the theory separately and do it at their own pace within the new online virtual learning platform Sport Structures has created.

This will allow Rounders England to engage more learners through offering an accessible model that provides an increase in the number of learners benefitting and upskilling as a result.”

It is anticipated that more virtual classrooms will be available online soon. If you would like a closed course then email [email protected] with your requirements.

Article by Rounders England:

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