Rounders Tour win for Nottingham Trent University

What a day! A lovely Saturday sandwiched between torrential rain managed to see the first Rounders England University tournament take place for this academic year. 

Teams from Winchester, Derby, Northampton, Chester, Lincoln, Nottingham Trent and Bristol descended on Derby for the mixed rounders event and we witnessed some fantastic rounders with exceptional sportsmanship on display.

On Pitch 1, Bristol 1, Chester 1, Derby 1, Lincoln and Winchester battled it out for a place in the final.

On Pitch 2, Bristol 2, Derby 2, Chester 2, Northampton and Nottingham Trent fight it out for the spot in the final.

Winchester managed to win all their games on pitch 1 with some close matches against Bristol 1 and Lincoln, so booked their place comfortably however the matches on pitch 2 were much tighter, with Nottingham Trent and Derby 2 tying on points. Nottingham Trent just edged through on rounders difference, to play against Winchester.

Up to bat first with fellow competitors watching was Winchester. With England rounders player Millie Kirby bowling for Nottingham Trent, Winchester managed to score 2 rounders with halves scored from Adam, Myles, Jack and Nathan.  Nottingham Trent had 2 to beat in the 30 ball final and managed to win with scores from Matt, Tom, Aled, Millie, Ben and Tayler.

Well done Nottingham Trent on winning this years first event – We look forward to seeing you all at the next one! Thank you to Derby University for hosting and a special thank you to Dominic White for helping make this happen.  Also, thank you to the umpires that assisted.


Article by Julia Rice: