The Grantham Prep: their Rounders story

Grantham Prep

Rounders has always been a vital part of the Games provision at Grantham Prep and is practised throughout the school from years 1 to year 6. All the children have one half hour lesson per week dedicated to Rounders skills during the Summer Term playing traditional 9 aside games using a variety of balls from tennis, incrediball and full rounders balls. As part of their Games provision, girls get an additional 1 hour per week when they reach the junior school and have the opportunity to extend this to a further hour per week attending an extra curricular club. In the Junior fixture programme the girls play regular matches at U9, U10 and U11 level against other Prep Schools and get involved in local, District and County wide competitions. Within these county competitions the boys are encouraged to join in using their cricketing skills to transfer across to work within the rounders format.

In the last 7 years the Prep teams have taken part in the U11 National competition 7 times – reaching 2 semi finals, 2 runner up placings and winning the tournament in 2011. It was during this final that one of our boys demonstrated true dedication and commitment to the game which we regularly use in our speeches to our younger children. During the final stages of the match our fielder caught a ball, hit hard straight in the mouth. After several minutes of checking that all was well, he assured us – with muffled nods and grunts that he was fine and was able to carry on to finish the game. There were five balls to go and we were only 1.5 rounders ahead the game was poised.The five balls were played, the game was won and we were jubilant and went off to shake hands with the opposition. Just before the fielder did so, he opened his mouth and produced a large, bloody tooth and handed it to his teacher and smiled. What bravery from someone so young. He went on to win the golden bat for player of the tournament.

At the end of season 2013 / 2014 we sent three girls to the England U13 training day. Two of these girls were chosen to attend further training schedules and have both been selected since, to play for the U13 and U15 England teams (Libby Wheeler and Lily Chow). Lily has continued her success and is subsequently captain of her country which obviously we are very proud.

Our department enjoy our Rounders and feel it is a vital and easy game for all children to experience and enjoy from an early age. For such a small school, we’ve not done badly for our participation and success levels!

Drew Park
Head of PE

Our department enjoy our Rounders and feel it is a vital and easy game for all children to experience and enjoy from an early age.

Drew Park
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