Rounders England Membership has been transformed – we recognise that in order to build our Rounders Community, it is essential that we offer a membership package that meets our customers’ needs. We wish to communicate directly with our members, and develop a much greater knowledge about each and every one of them – so we can then offer relevant and wanted services and products.  This is now possible with our new database, the ‘Rounders Platform’.

From 2017, we are offering individual memberships (FAN/BRONZE/SILVER/GOLD & EDUCATION), which follow a tier system. Easy to understand, benefits are clearly listed under each membership category. Individuals can choose the right membership package to suit their needs and upgrade at any time. Online registration and renewal are easy to do.

For Team and League officials – we are currently communicating with existing member teams about an offer we have developed for you – please do let us know if you have not heard from us. If your Team is not yet a member and you’re interested in learning more about what we are offering for teams and leagues, please visit Team Affiliation for further information.

For our Education members, we have added additional benefits for you in 2017. We hope that you’ll notice a positive change.

Make the connection – Reasons to join

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