Rounders England Insurance Centre

Whatever your relationship with Rounders England you will find information here about your insurance, arranged by Howden, on behalf of Rounders England to protect you whilst taking part in our sport.

This insurance scheme extends to the National Governing Body, it’s Employees, Board Directors and Committee Members, Rounders England Officials and Volunteers; Rounders England Affiliated Leagues and Teams and their committee members; and holders of a valid paid Rounders England membership, who have a claim made against them for any wrongful act or omission which causes injury, property damage or financial loss to someone else.

Indemnity is only provided to UK residents

The Combined Liability policy is arranged with Hiscox Insurance Company Ltd, the policy incorporates the following insurances:

  • Public & Products Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Libel & Slander
  • Abuse cover
  • Directors & Officers Liability

Insured activities: Any activity recognised by Rounder’s England including Indoor and Outdoor Rounder’s, social, fundraising and administration.

Please ensure that all incidents that may give rise to a claim are notified to Howden Claims Department on 0121 698 8042.

For any queries relating to the existing policy covers please contact us.

Please note: all information relating to insurance is valid only until the renewal date of any particular policy, for details of cover after that date please contact Howden.

Notifying an incident

It is important that you notify Rounders England and Howden of all accidents and incidents that could give rise to a claim.

If the incident has involved an injury to someone or damage to their property, you should report the details to Howden as soon as possible. Please complete an Incident Notification Form and return it to Howden.

If you wish to make a claim under the Personal Accident insurance, please complete the claim form and return to Howden with the appropriate additional documentation.

If you have a query regarding an incident or claim please contact Howden Claims Department by email or call 0121 698 8046.

  • Teams

    All Rounders England affiliated teams have a duty of care for the sport and those who take part in it. A team must do all it reasonably can to reduce or eliminate loss, damage or injury to others and it may be held legally liable to others if it fails to do so.

    Rounders England SEASONAL insurance includes:
    Legal liability for damages and legal costs arising out of third party loss, injury or damage, in connection with the activities described above and notified to Hiscox Insurance within the period noted above. Cover includes public liability, professional indemnity, liability for damage to leased and rented premises, member to member liability, indemnity to principals and liability arising out of goods sold or supplied including refreshments. The cover is provided on a “claims made” basis. Unlike other forms of insurance, there has to be a policy in force at the time at which the claim is made against you and at the time the activity was undertaken. Once a policy is cancelled, expires or lapses no cover would be provided for any claim notified after the date of cancellation, expiry or lapse.

    In addition to the above Rounders England CLUB/TEAM MEMBERSHIP also includes: Personal accident benefits.

  • Workforce

    As part of your Individual, Seasonal or Club/Team Membership, as a Rounders England qualified coach, umpire, activator or tutor you receive the benefit of the Combined Liability policy (which includes Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance, please ensure you read this in conjunction with your Certificate issued by Rounders England).

    What cover does the Combined Liability insurance provide for me?
    This policy covers the cost of defending yourself against a claim for damages if you’re held responsible for injury to someone else or damage to their property. Cover includes the advice you provide whilst coaching, instructing or advising provided that the activity falls within the remit of your Rounders England approved training or qualifications.


  • Members & Players

    As part of your Individual, Seasonal or Club/Team Membership you are protected by the Combined Liability insurance (which includes Public & Products Liability cover) whenever you are taking part in a recognised activity. This policy will cover the cost of defending yourself against a claim if you are held responsible for loss, damage or injury to someone else or their property.

    Member-to-Member liability is also included within the policy, the cover will defend one insured member if another member is injured and claims against them.

    Cover is provided for up to £10 million for Public & Products Liability, the cover operates worldwide if you are taking part abroad in a recognised activity, and this includes training and competing at events.

    Please note this does not replace the need for travel insurance.

    As part of your Individual or Club/Team Membership you also receive Personal Accident benefits in the event you sustain an injury.

    The Personal Accident policy provides payments directly to you if you are injured whilst taking part in a recognised Rounders activity anywhere in the world, following notifying Howden of an incident. The cover is ‘no fault’ which means you will receive the appropriate payment regardless of the cause of the accident, subject to your claim being validated.

    Effective Time

    • Whilst participating in any association approved activities anywhere in the world
    • Whilst travelling directly to and from such activity within the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands or the Republic of Ireland

    Benefits include:

    • Broken bones
    • Emergency dental expenses
    • Hospitalisation
    • Death
    • Permanent Disablement
    • Temporary Total Disablement

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