Coaching Week 2018 – A celebration of Megan Beard

In our second article to celebrate UK Coaching Week, we look specifically at an individual who is doing #GreatCoaching from the perspective of a player.

Freya Munson, England Under 14 Squad Captain, had this to say about her coach, Megan Beard

Megan is a great coach because she started playing for Rounders England at the age we’re at now. She has an awareness of how we feel and how we should play. She understands all the players and gives achievable goals to all of the team.

We always get individual and team feedback from our training sessions and matches on how we can improve and become the best we can be. Because we all live far away, Megan sets us tasks to complete, which she monitors continually. We all love the Iron Crosses and Keepie Uppie Challenges!

Thank you Megan, we all appreciate all your time and enthusiasm to make our team stronger.

Freya Munson
Article by Rounders England:

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