Coaching Week 2018 – The Best Job at Rounders England

Ever wondered how Michele Golland, Rounders England Head Coach, got to be Head Coach? Read on to find out how 38 years ago, a Netball league turned Rounders league, changed the pathway of our Head Coach.

38 years ago the netball league Michele was a member of stopped for the summer season and wanting to keep the team spirit alive, the team turned their hand to Rounders. 5 years into the South Yorkshire Rounders League, Michele started playing for England and coaching the Under 18 Squad, having worked through the qualifications, including the UKCC Level 1 and Level 2. When time permits it, you’ll still find Michele out on the pitch bowling a quick ball and coach the team through the match!

We asked Michele what a typical week looks like for her, using the past week as an example she had this to say:

“having planned the season with the help from a great team of Umpires and Coaches and the Rounders England staff such as Julia the Marketing and Commercial Officer, we were playing at Bishop Stortford last week where whilst running the event I stepped in to Umpire at times. We were then at Burnley this weekend where while running the event I worked with Aresson in the launch of their new Aresson-Pro Bat, stepped into coach and catch up with parents who had come to spectate. I’m now working on the finishing touches ahead of the Hereford Festival this weekend and Surrey the following”.

The busiest time of the year for Michele comes in June/July…School Competition time! Whilst still organising England Squad fixtures, there are 4 school competitions, including the National School Championships Year 6 mixed and Year 8 girls, followed by the Open School Competitions of Year 9 mixed and Year, 10/11 girls.

“I love getting to see schools return year on year and watching them and the squads grow from the start of the season to the end.” 

Michele’s Coaching Top Tip
Rounders is such a rewarding sport and reaches out to so many people. Being a coach is all about the journey; from player-umpire – coach. Having high standards it can be frustrating when others don’t have the same amount of passion, but you can overcome this by making it fun. It also helps to have a great team around you! My #GreatCoaching shout out goes to the fantastic competent and qualified team I’m a part of. Thank you.

Have you got what it takes to compete in the School Competitions? Online entry is now open!

I love seeing the smiles Rounders puts on people faces. It’s my favourite thing about the sport.

Michele Golland
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