Coaching Week 2018 – A Journey through the England Squads

Lydia Hudson, current Under 21 player, has worked her way through the England Squads and reflects on her #GreatCoaching

My #GreatCoaching shout out goes to Georgia Stanworth from the England Senior Squad. She was my first coach when I joined England Under 14 Squad, after watching Georgia and her team play at a Wales international. Since then she has helped me out every single season, even if she wasn’t my official coach.

I have recently had the honour of playing with her for the first time as I played for the Senior Squad, having played in under 14, under 16 and under 21 squads. She gave the same encouragement to me as a teammate as she did as my coach.”

Georgia has such a bubbly and outgoing personality and we all bonded so much in the Under 14 Squad due to her commitment and encouragement. Many of us are still playing together now four years later. We were all inspired by watching her play with her team and even playing against her in the internal fixtures. I’ve seen her play every position on the pitch which means she could offer a helping hand to all of us whatever the position. She and Megan work great as a coaching team with the Under 14’s and are still bringing out some of the best Under 14 Squad England have seen.

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Georgia’s teamwork shines through both when playing and coaching.

Lydia Hudson
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