Sure Shot Rookie Primary Rounders Set


Designed for beginners and younger players to the game of Rounders – with an aim of making the game easier to play – lighter bats and larger balls.

The set includes the Sure Shot Rookie rounder bat – a lightweight polypropylene bat making it easier to handle. Rather than the traditional rounder size ball the pack includes standard tennis balls – larger than a rounders ball making it easier to hit and a softer feel to make it easier to catch.

The set comes complete with 4 rounder posts and an equipment bag for storage and to carry all your equipment.

Product Details

All equipment in the set is approved by Rounders England.

Set consists of:

  • 4 x Rookie Rounder bats – polypropylene construction for a lighter bat
  • 3 x Tennis balls – easier to hit and easier to catch
  • 1 x Set of 4 posts with rubber bases and tops
  • 1 x Equipment bag