17-07-14-YEAR9- (374)There is a reason why, when you ask people about Rounders it brings a smile – revisiting memories of a sport they played at school. It is a fun, team sport that both boys and girls can play whatever their ability. Rounders also helps develop core skills in running, batting, throwing, catching and fielding.

Rounders England has many ways in which we can support schools in playing Rounders, through resources, courses and competitions. Plus, as a member school, students can be entered into the National School Championships (Y6 Mixed, Y9 Mixed, Y8 Girls and Y10/Y11 Girls) and females have the opportunity to try out for the England Squads (KS3 and KS4).

Primary & Secondary Scoring Tables

School Games

Rounders England are part of the School Games initiative and have a track record of supporting events at level 3.

Unfortunately we cannot contribute to the direct delivery of the School Games initiative. Resources and payment for coaching/umpiring to support the delivery of level 2/3 school games events cannot be funded by Rounders England as this would compromise other investment made by Sport England.

Within many of the funded relationships (ongoing and new) that we support, there is the inclusion of young people as a priority audience and satellite clubs/young people groups as the activity. Where this is the case; we hope that Rounders inclusion in the School Games is retained and resourced by partner funding, secured locally.

If you would like to discuss this matter and your specific circumstances email, with your telephone number and we will contact you.

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