Rounders England: Year 6 finals at Leicester University Thurday July 2 2015

There is a reason why, when you ask people about Rounders it brings a smile – revisiting memories of a sport they played at school. It is a fun, team sport that both boys and girls can play whatever their ability. Rounders also helps develop core skills in running, batting, throwing, catching and fielding.

Rounders England has many ways in which we can support schools in playing Rounders, through resources, courses and competitions. Plus, as a member school, students can be entered into the National School Championships (Y6 Mixed, Y9 Mixed, Y8 Girls and Y10/Y11 Girls) and females have the opportunity to try out for the England Squads (KS3 and KS4).

SurveyWe know that Rounders is played enthusiastically in a great number of education establishments throughout the country. We also acknowledge that there is lots that we don’t know! To begin to bridge this gap we recently distributed a survey via social media, to increase our knowledge about the extent that Rounders is played in schools, the level of competition and the diversity of participants. If you or your school have not completed the survey yet, then we invite you to do so here.

Aresson Rounders New Adv2Rounders England approved equipment provider, Aresson, has a strong reputation for offering quality, durable equipment to schools.

For 2017, they have launched a new range of Rounders sets, designed in conjunction with Rounders England and teachers, to get children and teenagers active. The equipment is versatile, user-friendly and inclusive for all levels of ability.

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Early Years Rounders Set resized

Aresson Early Years Rounders Set

Designed to teach very early, simple, fun, batting and fielding skills to 3-5 year olds using a batting tee, a paddle bat and large foam ball.


Primary Starter Rounders Set resized

Aresson Primary Starter Rounders Set

An excellent multi skills set for 5-7 year olds and beginner Rounders players. Four sets of equipment included so that four games can take place simultaneously.


Junior Rounders Set resized

Aresson Junior Rounders Set

Incorporating elements of a more adult Rounders set as well as some training aids. Contains the new coloured posts to mark 2nd and 4th Post. Suitable for 7-11 year olds.


Senior Training Set resized

Aresson Senior Training Rounders Set

Designed for training secondary school students. Suitable for 11+ years and adult beginners.

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