2021 Ready Rounders Bingo

After the announcement of the national lockdown, we’ve created a fun and free 2021 Ready Rounders Bingo challenge for you to get stuck in to. The end goal is to keep your mind busy and body active, encourage you to learn new skills, and to look after your health and wellbeing whilst you #StayHome.

We’ve split the challenge in to two categories – a Team Edition and Education Edition. The Team Edition is for anyone who is a Rounders fan or is part of a team/league. The Education Edition is for school and home-school pupils. The first entry, completed and evidenced, within each category will win a Rounders Equipment Set which includes an  All Play Rounders Bat, Supermatch Rounders Balls and a Batting Tee. Please send your entries to [email protected].

You can download the bingo grid as a PDF using the buttons below:

The closing date for all entries, if winners have not been announced beforehand, is Sunday 21st February 2021.


  • One completed line: Branded merchandise (subject to availability)
  • Three completed lines: Branded merchandise and a water bottle (subjected to availability)
  • Completed card: The first entry, completed and evidenced, will win a Rounders Equipment set (includes an All Play Rounders Bat, Super Match Rounders Balls and a batting tee).

Terms and Conditions

  • Prizes will be awarded for one completed line (straight or horizontal), three lines (straight or horizontal) and a full card (five lines).
  • One line consists of a minimum of four activities, three lines consists of a minimum of eleven completed activities and a full card consists of twenty four completed activities.
  • All completed lines must be evidenced for verification.