Small Rounders Games

Following the Department of Culture, Media & Sport’s updated guidance on the phased return of sport and recreation; to get people active and playing Rounders again, we have created a number of small games which families and small groups, within the same household, can play together.

  • Small Game


    • Can be played with a minimum of 2 players
    • A jumper can be placed at each of the X spots
    • Each player takes it in turn to be the Batter, while others are Fielders
    • The Bowler bowls to the Batter. The batter runs to the first jumper on their right
    • 1 point awarded for each jumper that the Batter reaches
    • The Fielders have to get the ball back to the Bowlers jumper to get the batter out and stop them from scoring
    • Each Batter gets 5 consecutive hits, then joins the Fielders
    • The running track can be increased and decreased in size, dependent on the age and ability of each Batter


    You can download Small Game 1 and take it with you